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PSO Violinist to Bring Pittsburgh Love to Boston Marathon

Heather McClain
90.5 WESA

Last weekend, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra violinist Susanne Park held a benefit to raise money for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

The institution was key in helping victims of the Boston Marathon bombings last year. This year, Park has gathered donations from local businesses to help the cause. Her sister ran in the marathon last year and she said she tracked her sister’s progress in the race until everything suddenly stopped.

Park's sister was one of the many runners unable to contact family for hours amidst the chaos.

Park plans to race with her sister this year and bringing some Pittsburgh love and appreciation to the Boston community. Park attended Boston University and remembers watching her first marathon in the city.

“I found it incredibly inspiring. And when this happened last year, after I was happy to hear that my sister was okay, I just felt heartsick that this could happen at an event that celebrates and epitomizes the human spirit. That’s what running marathons, running long distances is, it’s a celebration of what people can do, what people can push themselves through. I’m enormously grateful to be able to be there this year.”

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