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Governor Corbett Gives New Support for Medical Marijuana

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania hoped a meeting with Governor Corbett might change his stance on the issue. These advocates threatened a sit-in if the governor refused to see them. 

It looks like their threats paid off. 

Despite a recent Quinnipiac University poll which showed 85% of Pennsylvania voters support the legalization of medical marijuana, 90.5 WESA Capitol Correspondent Mary Wilson said Corbett remained steadfastly opposed, until this afternoon.  

"Corbett is quoted in a press release this afternoon saying that he will support a bill to allow research based hospitals to prescribe this oil extract which is from the marijuana plant." said Wilson

"Of course it's going to need the approval of the legislature but the leader of the senate Republicans has said that he will support this. And that he looks forward to sending the bill to the governor's desk."

The legislation applies to a specific form of medical marijuana in an oil extract called Cannabidiol. Supporters have advocated its use in patients with severe epilepsy, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Wilson said supporters are pointing to research on the effects of the extract conducted in states like Colorado, where medical marijuana has been legalized. Wilson said most of those who went to the Capitol are parents of very young children with an intense type of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.

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