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Monday Rundown: Better Sources of Power and Reusing Everything

Reuse Everything Institute

These topics air Monday June 30, 2014 at noon and 8pm on 90.5 WESA. Join the conversation LIVE between 12pm & 1 pm weekdays at 412-246-2002.

High Tech Roofing for Developing Countries

Reuse Everything Institute, a local non-profit, has created an innovative means of reusing wasted plastic bottles. They’ve developed a business solution that could help people in developing countries out of poverty. So why are they having trouble getting funding? David Saiia, CEO and co-founder of the institute explains how he’s turning plastic bottles into high-tech roofing.

Solar Power

We’ve heard so much about solar power since the 1970’s. So why isn’t being utilized more in the United States? Germany, a country half the size of Texas, harnesses the sun’s energy for many of its residential homes. Joylette Portlock, President of Communitopia and creator of the Don't Just Sit There, Do Something About Climate Change web series, provides a primer on solar power. 

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