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Monday Rundown: Reducing Caregiver Stress

These topics air Monday August 11, 2014 at noon and 8pm on 90.5 WESA. Join the conversation LIVE between 12pm & 1 pm weekdays at 412-246-2002.

A Caregiver’s Dilemma

In an article for the Post – Gazette freelance writer Tina Calabro chronicles a tragic murder-suicide that took place in the Mon Valley borough of Port Vue. The incident involved an elderly caregiver of a middle-aged son with developmental disabilities. Tina Calabro joins us to discuss the case and the issues it raises.

Resources for Caregivers

A generation of older caregivers may not ask for help when it’s needed. This may be due in part to pride as well as not knowing what resources are available or how to obtain them. We’ll address what can be done for caregivers with Jeanine Schultz, director of advocacy and family supports for ACHIEVA, a non-profit organization that provides lifelong supports and services for individuals with disabilities and their families in southwestern Pennsylvania.

NCAA Loses Amateurism Suit

U.S. District Judge Claudia Ann Wilson has dealt a major blow to the NCAA's ideal of amateurism in college sports. In a 99 page ruling, Judge Wilken wrote that "the Court will enjoin the NCAA from enforcing any rules or bylaws that would prohibit its member schools and conferences from offering (Division I-A) football or Division I basketball recruits a limited share of the revenues generated from the use of their names, images or likenesses in addition to a full grant-in-aid (scholarship." Post-Gazette writer Brady McCollough has been covering this case and joins us to discuss the outcome.

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