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On the Job: Procrastination as a Positive Habit

"Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today" is an apt quote, warning against procrastination. However, in this month’s On the Job segment, independent career consultant Sasha King addresses why procrastination might not be such a bad thing.

King says procrastination has increased since 1978 due to information overload with the examples of technological advancements and distractions. But she also tells us how procrastination can be positive in today's society.

Kings explains that procrastinators are known to do better work on larger problems. There is also the potential to realize halfway through your work that you really don’t need to do it at all. People perform better when under an adrenaline rush when procrastinating.

Here are five tips King gives for procrastinators who struggle with deadlines and group projects:

1.Set one big reminder with a deadline because you are more likely to respond to it.

2.Start the task without worrying about finishing.

3. Accountability helps to eliminate disappointment to other group members.

4. Making what you're doing either a passion or a game.

5. Neil Fiore Now-Habit Schedule: use a calendar with time increments to plan your day, starting with sleep and meals, then add projects.  

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