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Essential Pittsburgh: How Pennsylvanians Could be Affected by a Late Budget

Governor Tom Wolf delivers his 2015-2016 budget speech on March 3rd, 2015 at the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg.

The deadline for the Pennsylvania state budget is fast approaching. Governor Wolf’s administration is assuring tax payers and state workers failure to meet the deadline will not affect them. Will the governor and state lawmakers be able to agree on a budget on time? State Senator Jay Costa provides his insight on the future of budget discussions. 

Costa believes some of his colleagues are responsible for the delay:

"I am anticipating a late budget and it is largely because the party on the other side has refused to allow the governor to dissipate and to respect and honor the concessions that he's made in this process. They've been significant and they've moved the ball forward but unfortunately you've got some leaders who are simply hell bent on trying to force the governor to veto his budget." - State Senator Jay Costa

Also in the program, Promised Beginnings is an offshoot of Safer Tougher Pittsburgh, aiming to educate parents of young children on public safety.

What If the Budget Is Late? (starts at 21:20 )

If the state budget doesn't pass until well after the June 30th deadline, how will state workers and residents be affected? So far officials won't say what will happen if a budget impasse lasts weeks or months as in previous years. With no compromise in sight, John Micek, opinions editor for the Patriot-News and PennLive, looks at the possibilities.   
Promised Beginnings (starts at 36:44)

Promised Beginnings is part of the Safer Together Pittsburgh initiative aimed at improving public safety. The program is designed to mentor parents of young children. We’ll learn more about the program from its creator Maria Bethel.

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