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For Pittsburghers, Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' Is An Unfiltered Look At Our Complicated City

Josh Ferrell
Celebrity chef Anthony Bordain speaks with former Steelers fullback Franco Harris, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman and his wife Gisele Fetterman, cofounder of 412 Food Rescue, during the filming of Parts Unknown for CNN.


The latest episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown series showcased glimpses of the Steel City on Sunday that many Pittsburghers didn't jibe with

What did CNN get right? What did they skip? How much of what ultimately made the broadcast was a product of editing, and how much was a concerted effort -- in Bourdain's typically probing style -- to balance Pittsburgh's challenges with its evolving image and recent accolades. 


Brentin Mock, staff writer for CityLab, and Hal B. Klein, associate editor and restaurant critic with Pittsburgh Magazine, discuss the city’s latest national spotlight and what the backlash might say about the city.


And then...

Pittsburgh has an illegal gun problem, but the extent of the problem and exactly where it comes from is unclear. Since 2012, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police have recovered more than 3,600 guns from suspects, and more than two-thirds of those may have been owned illegally. Though police collect data on these seized weapons, the city hasn't been completely forthcoming with the information, so the picture of the illegal firearm market is hazy at best.


Here to talk about where the guns come from and whether data can actually help reduce guns on the street is Jeffrey Benzing of PublicSource.


And finally...

While the city of Pittsburgh continues to work on and pursue major developments, including Amazon’s second North American headquarters, there are concerns that the rising tide won't lift all boats. 90.5 WESA is exploring those issues in a six-part series on inequities confronting the Pittsburgh region.

Here to explore the divide between what even Mayor Bill Peduto calls “the two Pittsburghs” are WESA News Director Patrick Doyle and identity and justice reporter Virginia Alvino Young.

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Megan Harris is a writer, editor, photographer and curator for Pittsburgh's NPR News station. She leads editorial coverage for The Confluence, 90.5 WESA's live, one-hour, daily morning news show.
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