Under Attack by Us: New Pittsburgh Courier Series Looks at Crime in Black Communities

Jan 12, 2015

Credit Tony Webster / Flickr

The deaths of African American men, during encounters with white police officers, has sparked protests and demonstrations nationwide. However, where is the outrage regarding black on black crime?

For ten years the New Pittsburgh Courier has been publishing a monthly report of these crimes. How is the community reacting?

We pose that question to New Pittsburgh Courier editor and staff writer Ashley Johnson, as well as editor and publisher Rod Doss. Doss explained why "Under Attack by Us" was created, 

"The series began with the fact that there was a great deal of community homicide being done on a day-to-day basis. We saw young students being shot and killed in cross fires. We saw people sitting in their homes with bullets coming through their windows, being shot, maimed,[and] killed. We saw a community under attack and we decided that the silence was just deafening ."