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Weather Likely to Impact the Spectacle of Super Bowl XLVIII, But Not the Game

Broken Sphere

This Sunday, Super Bowl XLVIII pairs the AFC champion, the Denver Broncos with the NFC champion, the Seattle Seahawks.

For the first time, the big game is being played in the cold weather of a northern city, outdoors. This means there may be some snow, and temperatures are likely hover around freezing. How is the weather likely to change the game?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sportswriter Emeritus Bob Dvorchak is not concerned. He thinks the biggest impact will be on fans and all of the activities that revolve around the event.

"It is the first cold weather Super Bowl, but before the Super Bowl, the NFL routinely had championship games in cold climates."

Bob refers to the NFL Championship game of 1967, often referred to as the Green Bay Ice Bowl. It was one of the coldest professional football games on record

"For some it's the NFL getting back to its roots," says Bob, "But the NFL can do no wrong. This game just markets itself, it's the spectacle more than the game that people are interested in."

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