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How Likely is Governor Corbett to be Unseated?


Republican governor Tom Corbett is considered to be the nation’s most vulnerable governor facing reelection. His chances are clouded by low approval ratings and a recent unsteady relationship with the press.

In the run up to Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Gubernatorial democratic primary election, Philadelphia Daily News Political Columnist John Baer has written about Corbett’s chances of reelection. 

He said although Corbett has accomplished much of what he proposed in his initial campaign, the Governor’s policies are not politically popular overall. Corbett also tends to do what he thinks is right over general consensus, which is not a popular approach in a bipartisan state such as Pennsylvania. 

When it comes to the democratic nominees who hope to unseat Corbett, polls indicate that Tom Wolfe is the current front runner for the primary. Wolfe may also be the candidate receiving the most negativity from competitors. Baer says this may help Corbett’s campaign strategy.

“It’s going to be up to the governor to control the narrative of the campaign, and keep it away from himself and on Tom Wolfe,” said Baer “The only thing the democrats made sense in, this time, was the argument, I think Rob McCord made it best, ‘Look, we need to do this now, because if we don’t, Republicans will do it in a much harsher tone come the fall.’ And the line that McCord uses is ‘We can’t have another untested Tom.’”

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