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PA Rep. Dave Reed Seeks to Transcend Party Politics

PA State Rep. Dave Reed

State Representative David Reed first entered politics as a registered Democrat. Last week he was sworn as the leader of the Pennsylvania House GOP. The Indiana County native shares his vision for the future of the commonwealth and talks about how he plans to work with a new, Democratic governor.

Looking back on his background, Reed explains that he came from a rural portion of Indiana County where political differences aren’t just black and white.

In this area, he explains, the dominant culture is social conservatism -- regardless of party affiliation -- and so the distinctions between Republicans and Democrats can be blurry.

Explaining his current outlook on politics as a Republican, Reed says he believes that the primary responsibility of state government is to help provide citizens gained access to opportunities for financial independence.

Toward that end, he says he is focused on finding innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment -- that is, solutions that go beyond talking points from both the right and left wings.

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