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McGinty Brings Environmental Experience to the Gubernatorial Race

Katie Blackley
90.5 WESA

Today Katie McGinty is scheduled to be the first of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates to go on air with a statewide advertisement.

As a former State Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, she has a unique insight of the environmental issues facing Pennsylvania as well as a plan for approaching a number of other topics in the Commonwealth including education, tax credits and manufacturing.

In response to concerns about rail cars carrying crude oil and other possible toxins through the state, McGinty says she wants to see safety first, and would ask the industry to begin rerouting these chemicals away from densely populated areas. She also sees the recent and unfortunate spills as a chance to open up a conversation about responsible manufacturing.

“I think there’s an economic opportunity for us. And here’s where when you push tough regulations that are smart, you can create new businesses. What’s the business? Well what if Pennsylvania got in the lead of building the new tanker cars…Let’s get in front of this. Safety first, but let’s be smart about it. The locomotive industry had been a big part of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing, a new generation of cleaner, safer trains could put people to work.”

McGinty says she has vision for a more economically competitive Commonwealth where incentives would be used to bring more large corporations, while still keeping them accountable to those living and working around the state.

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