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WESA Voter Guide

A primer on voting information and who is running in the 2022 election to represent southwestern Pennsylvania and the state.

Important Dates & Deadlines
General election: Nov. 8, 2022

WESA and America Amplified are answering reader questions.

2022 Election: Race Overviews
Select a race below to learn more about the candidates running for statewide offices and districts in southwestern Pennsylvania — and what's at stake in each contest. (Not sure what districts you're in? Find out here.)

Pennsylvania State Senate & House

Why isn't my district included? The WESA Voter Guide focuses on statewide races and southwestern Pennsylvania districts contested by the two major parties. If you don’t see your district listed, that means a candidate is running unopposed or not facing a major-party opponent. Check out Pennsylvania’s candidate database here.

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WESA Voting Matters is funded in part by a generous grant from The Heinz Endowments. You too can support our effort to create a more informed voter base by giving here.